The March of Madness

Doubleheader (Game 9) 12 Nov. 2011

Adventure 9 (11-11-12) XP +875 = 5660 (7500)
Albrecht Human Knight 4 Martial Defender
Razzkopp Eladrin Mage 4 Arcane Controller
Shadow Half-Elf Sentinel 4 Primal Leader
Slim “Shady” Southpaw Halfling Thief 4 Martial Striker
Whiskeyjack Stonecrawler Dwarf Hunter 4 Martial Controller

As the harrowing night in the temple continued, they party heard a strange knocking sound above them on the roof of the temple, the zombies had already come up from the floor, so perhaps they were trying something new, they readied themselves to challenge the threat, but when the roof broke, it turned out to be a dwarf names Whiskeyjack, who had followed the trail of a Dwarven girl who had disappeared some months ago to this very spot but he had since lost the trail and also had to weave his way through a horde of zombies to get to the temple for safety. Unfortunately one of the bricks loosed from the ceiling struck poor Doc, rendering him unconscious for quite some time.

It was just a matter of time before the horde broke through again, this time a mighty push, with countless zombie minions, summoned and controlled by a particularly heinous zombie who’s heart glowed the same color as the evil gem, there were also skeletons capable of throwing fireballs, and a massive ogre zombie who loved to charge around the battlefield. The fight was quite gruesome, but with Albrecht smashing anything that came too close, and Razz flinging enemies all around the room, and Shadow striking at opportune times, and Slim getting in timely shots and Whiskyjack spraying crossbow bolts like a machine gun, and all the while they STILL had to keep more zombies from getting in, which taxed their tactical efforts, the fight was carried and this would turn out to be the last advance by the zombies for soon morning arrived and all that were outside were returned to death in a massive heap.
While the sun’s rays were shining in, they made offers to Erathis to destroy the evil gem – that and some cleaning work by Whiskeyjack, soon caused the gem to crack, destroying its evil power and leaving in its place a holy artifact – the Orb of Light which was a powerful force against undeath, and Erathis further protected the group by giving them an immediate extended rest, a vast amount of temporary hit points and everyone the ability to heal an ally as well as give them an accuracy boost in combat. Apparently this would be needed because they soon heard a howl of rage and an arctic blast of wind and frost smashed into the temple and those with dungeoneering skill knew the temple should have collapsed from the force but perhaps Erathis was holding it up so they would not be crushed and they ran outside as the temple momentarily caved in. As they caught their breath in the suddenly frosty environment, they noticed that the statue had split open and had been replaced by a giant skeletal figure and behind them, on the ruins of the temple, was a young white dragon – this could not be a good thing!

Indeed what they faced in this epic showdown was not one but TWO solo creatures allied together in evil, the leader was the skeletal figure who they soon realized was the dark side of Miginath, grown larger and powerful with hate and fury, it had been created when Miginath accidentally created the evil gem and now it was out for revenge! The giant and the dragon were quite a force and if not for Erathis’ shielding they may have taken the adventurers out straight away, but they survived the attack and through grit and determination and taking the sound strategy of focusing on taking out one enemy at a time, were finally able to slay the dragon and then focus on destroying the giant. The Giant proved troublesome in that it could control the actions of party members and particularly enjoyed sending Albrecht ping-ponging across the battlefield charging into his allies, and also could make the Staff held by Razz explode in blasts of frost which saw Razz make good use of his Mage Hand cantrip to get it far away. Shadow learned that his wolf companion was actually a lot tougher than he thought, Slim was extremely effective sniping from the cover of the gravestones, and Whiskeyjack took to taunting the white dragon and was nimble enough to dodge out of the way when its massive carcass fell 30’ from the sky directly over him. The battle was won, they withstood their fiercest challenge yet, they knew that they had further ruined the plans of the Iron Circle now that Miginath was in peace they could no longer tap his powers for teleportation back at the tower. But now they had to figure out where they were, and how to get back to civilization? Perhaps the Dwarf could shed some light on this…

The party has made 5th level



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