The March of Madness

Dungeons but no Dragons (Adventure 7)

Adventure 7 (11-10-01) XP 527/4100
Albrecht Human Knight 3/4 Martial Defender
Shadow Half-Elf Sentinel 3/4 Primal Leader
Slim “Shady” Southpaw Halfling Thief 3/4 Martial Striker
Thaddeus Woodsinger Elf Hunter 3/4 Primal Controller

After breaching the keep, Scrag and Vexx went to hold off the guards and Albrecht, Shadow, Slim and Thaddeus (who were shortly joined by Axis) went down into the dungeon to complete the quest and rescue Baron Stockmer. As per their usual mode of attack, Slim crept down first, where he came upon four individuals wearing hooded iron circle chanting low around a table where a pot was boiling, Slim slew one immediately and jumped to the corner, Thaddeus came down next and two of this three arrows rang true killing two more, then Albrecht charged into battle, laying the last one to rest – this battle appeared to easy… that’s because they had killed servants of the keep, who were cowed into pretending to be threats by Lividius, a Tiefling Murderer, charged with slaying anybody who dared try and rescue the Baron. He charged Albrecht, and teleported over to Slim, causing fire to blast in his wake. Soon though, Shadow and his wolf and the wyrmling all engaged the brute, but the Tiefling’s great mobility and damaging aura made him tough, and little did Thaddeus know that his arrows of dazing made the enemy stronger for when he was dazed he gave back as much damage as he took! The battle was brutal, Shadow, Slim and Axis all fell at one time or another (and all at the end of the fight) and Albrecht and Thaddues were close to death’s door themselves when they finally were able to finish off the devil. They then were able to free the Baron and the rest of the fort soon fell to the Harkenwolder forces, who were brought back into battle by the prodding of Vexx and Scrag, and so the Iron Circle had been defeated and Harken returned to its rightful rulers. There was much rejoicing and the group was treated like heroes, which they richly deserved. Baron Stockmer asked if they would stay a while order was restored and they obliged him. Over time, however, the notes and plans left by the departed Redthorn made reference to a mage named Malkos who was apparently working over at the green tower on the other side of town, a place that had been abandoned for years, and apparently if he was up to no good, perhaps the group would like to check things out there?

(The characters have now made 4th level and were given some gifts from the Baron’s treasury for their good work)

The next day the group assembled and headed to the green tower, a strange 60 foot high tower made of dark crystal that sometimes glowed green on still nights, there had been an arch mage who had lived there many years ago but he had long since disappeared and most townsfolk avoided the overgrown area, and even the few hardy souls who went inside had reports of strange sights and sounds and some of them never came back at all. Slim the expert climber, expertly clambered up the side of the tower, peering in some of the solid glass windows, and indeed this tower was occupied, for he saw a wizard, and what appeared to be children learning from him, but he also saw armed guards and at the top of the tower, where it was open to the sky, he heard voices and also was able to remain undetected by a large canine, a dire wolf, that was on patrol. When he went back down to report, it was decided that he would sneak back up and attach ropes and Axis would also shuttle people up to the tower and they would storm the place from the top down, as it appeared it was lightly defended way up here, and better to attack with surprise then knock on the big front doors.

The plan seemed like a good one, but unfortunately as Slim was tethering the second rope, he caught the attention of the wolf, and so he decided he would take the beast out and the others could come up as fast as possible and help him mop up, unfortunately when he hopped over the parapet, he saw not one but two of the great wolves, and several tiefling minions, and they were soon joined by a powerful transmuter wizard and an elite fighter swinging a huge axe, clearly Slim’s perception skills were a bit off that day! And although Thaddeus was immediately brought up by Axis, and within a few rounds, both Shadow and Albrecht had scaled the walls on the ropes (although Shadow’s own wolf never made it up), the enemy was too strong, Slim fell almost immediately and the warrior threatened to kill him if they didn’t surrender, but Thaddeus had other plans and slid him from the enemy’s grasp, and although Albrecht occupied what he could of the enemy and Shadow healed and supported what he could, and Thaddeus slowed the wizard down dramatically, and Slim got in several nasty shots, the wizard’s spell was too devastating in both damage and the ability to move them around the battlefield and the warrior’s great sweeps with his axe proved devastating, and poor Axis was struck critically twice and died outright and Thaddues appeared also to fall into the abyss, and it was then that the bedraggled survivors accepted the offer of quarter to the enemy and lowered their arms, in surrender. What shall become of them? Tune in next time!



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