The March of Madness

Ghosts & Hobgoblins

Adventure 12 & 13 (12-02-04 & 12-03-03) XP +990 & 775 = 9020 (10000)

Albrecht Human Knight 6 Martial Defender
Razzkopp Eladrin Mage 6 Arcane Controller
Shadow Half-Elf Sentinel 6 Primal Leader
Slim “Shady” Southpaw Halfling Thief 6 Martial Striker
“Doc” Human Companion 6 Martial Leader

A harrowing evening of being chased by the massive marauding swarm of gnolls appeared to be too much for our heroes as they were on the verge of being overrun, but luckily they were able to make a tactical decision and battle a small gnoll contingent and it allowed them time to regroup and soon were on their way, through hills and forest, trying to find civilization through the night and away from the howls and screams of the mad, pursuing gnolls. Soon however, the gnoll voices subsided and they noticed ghostly warriors at their side, seeming to protect them and guide them and shortly thereafter they were in a peaceful clearing where several knights and clerics, phantom warriors of a long forgotten Nerathi army who were under orders to protect and keep the Orb of Light, and they were prepared to take it by force or barter. They said the gnolls had stolen it from them eons ago and then it had become lost for a time, the group was able to piece together that the wizard from the green tower had been able to get hold of it but in his foolishness, had transformed it unknowingly into something evil but now that the group had broken the curse, the gnolls sought it, but the Nerathi would bring it to the underworld and not allow the gnolls to revel in its light again. The group decided to barter rather than fight the impressive insubstantial forces and were able to gain two rare weapons in return – a dagger of speed and a flametongue scimitar.

The Nerathi soldiers would do them one more favor and they guided them out of the woods and into a swamp where a battle had recently taken place. The group followed the trail from the battle and discovered that a caravan had been ambushed and the people were being held in a camp in the middle of a dismal swamp – and those that did the heinous deed were the final group of Shadar Kai – led by a vicious warrior names Sammimel. The place was very misty, clouding vision beyond one’s hands and the swamp waters were ruinous as well, causing one to contact it to lose their senses and be required to brutally atttack, lest they take damage in return for their peace, but the group had amazing tactics and were victorious in a rout, they were able to free the elves and the human cleric leader, who it turns out also worked for Albrecht and Shadow’s liege back at the fort. He has been trying to forge an alliance between his forces and the Harkenwood Elves to counter the Hobgoblins attempts to join forces with the Daggerburg clan. Part of the trade involved swift fey horses, which they commandeered and led the group back to safety to a burgeoning new village not far from the crossroads, home to a new tavern with an ogre for a errand boy, a weaponsmith and armorer (both dwarves), some builders in the process of erecting a nice new tower for an unnamed future arcane tenant and a sneaky looking general proprietor who they found out was trading with hobgoblins who were building a base nearby. This was bad news indeed.

The group decided to take out the hobgoblin encampment, which were several tents being constructed by goblin slaves and was expanding to the size that could accommodate an army. The hobgoblins had numbers on them and also had additional allies to call upon like vicious worg mounts for their leaders and swarms or stirges (which Razzkopp thoroughly enjoyed) and even a bizarre invisible flying drake! Although the hobgoblins came in waves, our heroes were steadfast and destroyed them, although a couple of the archers did manage to retreat safely despite being pursued into the surrounding woodland by the ever vigilant Slim, assuredly they would be requesting reinforcements and in fact as one of the archer fled the battlefield he blew a horn and the result was not immediate, but just after the group had barely caught its breath and were tallying their spoils (along with gaining war plans) they saw a dragon fly overhead, and at first it appeared to be headed for the Crossroads, which was not such a big deal but then Shadow’s insight revealed it actually headed for the cleric, elves militia and horses, who had left earlier in the day to head back over the wall to the fort. The group hurried to intercept the dragon before it could find and annihilate their allies – easier said than done!



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