The March of Madness

Ravens Roost

Adventure 11 (12-01-07) XP +825 = 7255 (7500)

Albrecht Human Knight 5 Martial Defender
Razzkopp Eladrin Mage 5 Arcane Controller
Shadow Half-Elf Sentinel 5 Primal Leader
Slim “Shady” Southpaw Halfling Thief 5 Martial Striker
“Doc” Human Companion 5 Martial Leader

Our heroes returned to the bandit fort for another sortie, this time they sent Slim as a scout who clambered up one of the towers, took out the catapult crew and dropped a rope for the others who ambled across the field under heavy fire from archers, the enemy was let by an elite shadar-kai controller named Erzoun, she was able to move about the battlefield assisting her crossbowmen and grenadiers who were supported by many minions manning the walls. The battle was rough but Slim was able to keep out of sight as much as possible and first Albrecht, then Razzkopp, and then Shadow were able to get over the walls, and on these walls was where most of the fighting took place. Eventually they were able to kill the leader and the rest of the troops surrendered. Luckily the rest of the bandits and the leader of the fort, Sammimel, a legendary warrior, were not there, a lucky stroke because the last fight had taken a lot out of the group and they needed rest – but not before garnering some treasure!

They took it easy that day, placing their captives in pits in the middle of the compound and questioning them as to their activities and hierarchy and even getting them to work for them when things took a turn or the worse… For the Perytons soon returned and although they received several catapult blasts to keep them at bay, the insight of Shadow revealed their true nature for apparently they were a beacon of sorts, because as dusk approached the party began to hear the sounds of beasts in the woods from all sides, howls, yips, and unnerving giggles – a massive pack of hyenas. And soon other voices joined as the night came, these were the demonic howls of gnolls, the Blackfang clan, and apparently, like the hyenas, they numbered in the hundreds, if not more. The gnoll leader was demonic creature with fiendish wings; an elite warlock named Maldrick Scargash who Razzkopp thought had been dead for some time. It arrived and demanded the artifact Orb of Light, carried by Shadow, and in return it would make sure they did not suffer too much before they died at the hands of the gnoll ‘army’. The group told him to stuff it and it flew away (harried by archery fire, naturally!)

Soon the hyenas had congealed into a massive scrambling force, and they charged to the front gates, where they were met by ranged attacks from the characters and catapults, at the same time the hyenas were covered by hundreds of arrows from the gnoll archers, the arrows clouding the sky and killing all of the remaining bandit fort defenders. Scargash, landed on the inside of the main gate and although he was attacked by Slim, Albrecht and Shadow’s wolf, they could not stop him from opening the gate just enough to let in many of the hyenas, Razzkopp then threw a wall of fire in front of the door, preventing any more hyenas from entering, however there were horrifying burrowing gnolls that came up from the earth, grabbing and biting Slim and Albrecht, and also another gnoll that was mixed in with the hyenas came in through the fire wall and seemed to enjoy the searing damage who was ghastly effective with his long spear, meanwhile Scargash had gone back to the skies, raining down his heavily damaging spells. Although Albrecht and Slim fell multiple times, Shadow and Doc were able to keep them going and combining their great fighting skill with Razzkopp’s blasts of eldritch power, Scargash was finally destroyed, throwing the gnolls in the woods briefly into self-destructive chaos and the group knew if they were ever to get out of this siege alive they had to make their break now, running headlong into the night with a horde of gnolls and hyenas reforming and bearing down hot on their trail with nothing but desire for destruction in their twisted minds…



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