The March of Madness


Adventure 8 (11-10-01) XP 685/4785 (5500)
Albrecht Human Knight 4 Martial Defender
Razzkopp Eladrin Mage 4 Arcane Controller
Shadow Half-Elf Sentinel 4 Primal Leader
Slim “Shady” Southpaw Halfling Thief 4 Martial Striker

The surviving members of the group (Albrecht, Shadow and Slim), the one returning ‘member’, Doc and a new individual, Razzkopp, were immediately attacked by three mad wraiths, who had the ability to slide people all over the battlefield, either into their maddening aura, into a damaged minor portal crackling with deadly electric current, or a pillar of hellish fire that continued to burn stronger even after the unfortunate victim escaped its grasp. The battle was hotly contested and at times seemed like the wraiths would carry the day, but once one of them was finally dispatched, a call from below called them off, and after the group rested a bit they went down into the depths – a room so cold their very breath became crystals in the air. An undead skeletal figure awaited them below and although it neither spoke nor moved they could tell it had vast powers, indeed, through telepathy, the creature explained he had been Miginath, a great wizard from the Harken area who had mastered teleportation and planar travel however many years ago he had made a fatal mistake and this is what had left him in his present condition and the Iron Circle mercenaries above were channeling his energies to power their dark secret – to create a portal from their home city to Harken, so armies could appear instantly. He said if they would do him a favor and right his wrongs, he would be released from this world and the Iron Circle, then, of their power source which would end their attempts at this kind of activity. He offered treasure them to help make up their minds and produced a powerful item, an Ice Scepter, which made cold effects much more devastating. Since there really was no other way out of the dungeon, they accepted and took an extended rest.

After their rest they went back down to Miginath and he teleported them to a massive graveyard in some wooded hills at sunset, some place no one in the group had been before and they weren’t quite sure exactly where it was and how they would get back. In the middle of the cemetery was a massive statue of a humanoid figure carrying both a book and a weapon, signifying mastery of two (or more?) combat arts. A short distance from the statue was an old temple, although sturdy had seen some serious damage, inside they found it to be quite a ruin – it appeared it had once been dedicated to Erathis but had since been turned to Orcus and sure enough, deep inside the temple near the pulpit they were met by several undead, grasping zombies and their leader, a deathlock wight. The group was able to destroy the undead with little effort and also found a hidden chamber in the dais that revealed treasure, two of which were deemed important, one a helm that had seven gems that could store souls and use the souls for power to either heal the wearer or cause their attacks to be more devastating, the other item was a deep purple gem that had extreme necrotic power, and its force was so great it had desecrated the temple, causing the ground to radiate necromancy and also draw life from the living in order to speed their descent into death.

While the characters were resting and exploring after the fight they realized it had gotten dark out and then they heard shambling and moaning and noticed that hundreds, if not thousands of undead were crawling out of the graves and were heading toward the temple, drawn to the power of the gem, which was clearly some sort of artifact of Orcus. The group did what they could to blockade the multiple entrances to the temple and were nearly successful when suddenly a group of zombies and skeletons burst through, the group had to continue to keep their entrances blocked while fighting off the interlopers, the were able to destroy the undead and secure the opening against further breach and peace reigned for a time, enough for them to catch their breath, but soon, another wave of undead broke though, one group by a door and the other came up through the ground itself! This time it was flesh-craved zombies along with skeletons and more run-of-the–mill zombies, the fight this time was a bit tougher but they still came out on top and no more undead were able to get though, but how long could they continue to hold out, in all the confusion they really had no idea what the time was and it was likely the undead assault would continue until the dawn…. But would it ever arrive and then it did, would it be too late?



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