A scholarly dragonborn who has delved perhaps too deeply into the lore of the people who destroyed his ancestral home.


4th-level Dragonborn Hexblade (medium natural humanoid)

DefensesSkillsAt-Will Powers
AC: 20Acrobatics +1Soul Eater: melee, 1 creature, +11 vs AC, 1d12+10
Fort: 18Arcana +8Eldritch Bolt: range 10, 1 creature, +9 vs Ref, 1d10+10
Ref: 15Athletics +1Soul Feast: triggered, free, gain 4 temp HP
Will: 19Bluff +7 
 Diplomacy +12Encounter Powers
HealthDungeoneering +1Blazing Doom of the Void: melee, 1 creature, +11 vs Fort, 2d12+10
HP: 45Endurance +5Wrathful Aspect: minor, +5 Intimidate, 5 damage to attackers
Surges/day: 10Heal +1Dragonfear: minor, close burst 5, +9 vs Will, -2 atk & grant CA
Surge value: 15History +10 
 Insight +1Daily Powers
AbilitiesIntimidate +14Hellfire Blast: close blast 3, each creature, +9 vs Ref, 3d8+10
STR: 10Nature +1Lesser Planar Ally: standard, conjure Tiny spirit to perform a service
CON: 18Perception +1 
DEX: 10Religion +3Feats
INT: 13Stealth +1Rod Expertise (w/rod: +1 AC, ref, atk)
WIS: 8Streetwise +7Heavy Blade Expertise (w/hvy blade: +1 atks, +2 def vs OA)
CHA: 20Thievery +1Improved Initiative (total +6)

Possessions: Piecemeal Chainmail +1, Gauntlets of Blood, Brooch of Shielding +1, Magic Rod +1, Woundpatch (2), Adventurer’s Kit, Everburning Torch, 1 pp, 95 gp


Medrash grew up learning about the destruction of Arkhosia at the hands of the tieflings of Bael Turath and sought to learn more about them and how they became what they are, in the hopes of learning how to undo a lingering curse on an ancient Arkhosian outpost that his family once ruled on behalf of the empire. Along the way, he was tempted with knowledge by the very powers he sought to understand, and before he fully realized what he was doing, he’d sworn a pact to the powers that destroyed his family’s ancient home. Now, he oscillates between a scholar’s detached civility and the brutal anger of a devil raised to fury. He despises tieflings, because he knows all too well how they became what they are, and because they remind him of his own folly.


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