The March of Madness

The Road Home (Game 10) 3 Dec. 2011

Adventure 10 (11-12-03) XP +770 = 6430 (7500)

Albrecht Human Knight 5 Martial Defender
Razzkopp Eladrin Mage 5 Arcane Controller
Shadow Half-Elf Sentinel 5 Primal Leader
Slim “Shady” Southpaw Halfling Thief 5 Martial Striker
“Doc” Human Companion 5 Martial Leader

Whiskeyjack bade the heroes’ goodbye as he continued on into the hills in search of the missing Dwarven girl. Doc woke up and was ready to assist, Shadow helped them find a trail out of the hills and back toward the Valley, Albrecht lamented not having his horse, Razzkopp kept spewing all sorts of astute nonsense and Slim kept itching for a fight. So they traveled a bit (being followed all the while, during the day at least by a group of odd and nasty creatures called perytons who stayed just out of reach of ranged attacks) then rested, during the night they were assaulted by terrible thieving little creatures called boggles who were able to teleport, grab and possess party members. However, once the group was fully awake they were able to dispatch the critters with little real harm done to themselves and so the night passed and they were on their way. The next day they came upon a group of three Ogres who were having fun tossing various parts of what appeared to be goblins onto pools of elemental thunder, which cause the body parts to explode and be flung about. The group inched up as best they could and caught the ogres by surprise, nearly killing the closest one outright, the Ogres brought back the fight, but despite their great size and power, they were quite outnumbered and outwitted and all soon fell, however near the end of the battle one of the more enterprising perytons descended from the sky and took a shot at Razzkopp, trying to grab him and take him away, the creature was destroyed before it could do any real damage and so the party looted the scene and went on their way.

Later that day they came upon a hillside village, the first hint of civilization, a home to a clan of warriors that Razzkopp knew of from his studies and perhaps had even passed through many decades ago. Unfortunately the place had been all but razed and all they found were a bunch of wolves slinking around the perimeter. Further exploration of the ruins revealed a man who called himself Sylish Creed who was lamenting the fall of the village, a place that was a nice constant source of income for him and his band of raiders. He explained this place had been ruined by a group of bandits called the Ravens Roost, a bunch of human thugs led by three Shadar-Kai, who were vicious deadly and had no fear of their own death as they were creatures of the Raven Queen. Stylish would benefit from their removal as would the area as a whole as since he was just out for money, they were out for souls and that is never good. He would have one of his wolves lead them to the lair and see if they could take care of business. The party decided this was probably the right thing to do plus there would likely be treasure and it also happened to be in the right direction, towards the Valley. They followed the wolf for a couple days down the hills and soon came within eye-shot of the Raven’s Roost fort. They camped out and then went to investigate the place, oddly enough no matter how long they waited and observed it appeared the place was deserted. Finally, in lieu of sending Slim in alone over the wall, they decided to approach the place directly, upon nearing the gate they were ambushed by several of the Raven’s Roost hidden in the bushes, they were led by Geriesh, a very capable skirmisher, although the battle was tense and Slim took heavy damage, they were able to destroy the enemy but the battle had taken a toll on their resources and they could not catch their breath so close to the walls and they headed back to a nearby wood, their retreat being harried by a few blasts from the catapults in the corner towers…



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